Eurosatory: GDELS releases details of light tactical vehicles

Eurosatory: GDELS releases details of light tactical vehicles

Information about a new light vehicle product - Air Transportable Tactical Vehicle (ATTV) - that is being marketed by GDELS in Europe has been released by the company.

The ATTV has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 4.5t and a maximum payload of 2.2t. It is 4.9m-long and 1.8m wide with seating for four personnel plus the gunner.

Fitted with a Steyr M160053-B 4-stroke six cylinder engine offering 220hp, the ATTV can achieve a top speed of 170 km/h. It has a ZF 6HP280 6-speed automatic transmission and a fuel tank that can carry 102 or 130 litres.

The ATTV is air transportable inside a CH-47 helicopter and can also be fitted with a self-recovery winch, second axle steering and .50 cal ringmounts foldable in the car with a barrel and an ammo box.

As the vehicle is built by Defenture BV, a spokesperson from GDELS told Shephard that an agreement with Defenture to market their vehicle in Europe was agreed recently following three years of discussion. The spokesman could not disclose the conditions of the agreement but said that it was flexible.

The Dutch SF signed a contract for 50 vehicles in 2012 and the spokesperson said that two pre-series vehicles were due for delivery later this year with the remaining 48 series production vehicles to be delivered from 2015.